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O U R   S P A C E

     Aniwave Studios is a professional audio-visual production facility that houses over 20 years of experience. Located in the heart of Downtown Hamilton, our studio space has all that is needed to give you the most organic and aesthetically-pleasing production.

     Our Sound Room features an ample amount of live instrumentation available to be tracked through our 32-channel Behringer X32 Mixing Console, as well as all of the necessary preamps, effects and sound treatment to get the most pristine quality sound in your recording and mix. Record your vocals or instrument in our sound absorption booth, which is large enough to fit an entire drum kit! Aniwave's Sound Room also features a Transfer Station that is designated for analog-to-digital conversions, where we house our 1/4" reel-to-reel tape deck, cassette tape deck, turntable, film/photo scanners, and VHS players. A true one stop shop for all of your audio-visual production needs, as you can record new material and digitally-preserve old memories in one visit and at top quality!

     Our Vision Room features a 9 x 20 ft backdrop with 3 standard fabrics (Black, White, & Green) as well as a plethora of other background styles available at request. All of the necessary lighting, diffusers and lenses are on-hand to ensure standards are met at every shoot, whether it may be for corporate/government/individual/family portraits, product shots or even an artistic project. There is also a 7 foot adjustable height platform near the kitchenette used for Craft Services & Refreshments during sessions, Pre-Production meetings and for various uses during filming. Our Vision Room also features professional dollies, rails, gimbals, and drones to ensure we capture the trendsetting, cinematic footage you once thought was unattainable. Now you can obtain the footage quality your project truly deserves.

O U R   H I S T O R Y

     Aniwave Studios was founded in 2017 by Shayne Larcher, who has been active in music and visual arts since 2000. Proficient in several instruments and adept in visual arts, Shayne has balanced his profession in the audio-visual realm. Not to mention, he has always had a passion for watching time-pieces and working with digital technology and analog media with a strong appreciation both formats.

     Coming from a family of vocalists and musicians, he was always surrounded by professional advice in the industry and encouraged to chase his dreams, no matter where life took him. His mother used to sing back-ups in the eighties for artists/groups such as Gwen Guthrie and Men Without Hats, while her mother (Shayne's Mami) used to be a Bebop Jazz back-up singer in the 1950s in Québec City. Furthermore, Shayne's paternal Grandad was a Tenor Saxophonist in a Big Band Jazz Ensemble in the 60s, as well as a classical ensemble and quartet in the 50s in Trinidad. It was him who coached Shayne musical theory in addition to the faculty he gained in classical studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music. He later completed a Musical Composition course at Merriam's School of Music, which was when he purchased his first multi-track recorder before High School; later gaining experience for a decade in engineering, designing album artworks and editing music videos before independently obtaining employment through Toronto Jazz studio, Number 9 Audio Group and Scarborough Reggae studio Inity Arts & Music. 

     It was at those facilities where he spent a few years handling a studio's marketing, graphic design, as well as taking footage of dozens of musical professionals, such as Toronto Mass Choir, Bedouin Soundclash, I-Sax, Chuck Treece, Lindo P, Michie Mee, The Wailers, Marcia Griffiths, Freddie McGregor, Kumar, Beres Hammond, Sister Nancy, Luciano Messenjah, Chaka Demus & Pliers, Gyptian, Rygin King, Norris Man, Gene DiNovi, David Clayton Thomas, TheAutist, Chihiro & The Classy Notes, Jesse Royal, Duane Stephenson, Chronicle, Chronixx, Willi Williams, Tiger, Little John, Kondriah, Pinchers, Prince Zimboo and many more. He also gained experience working with Analog mixing consoles, such as the AMEK Angela and Allen & Heath GL3200 and now owns a digital Behringer X32 with various hardware units, which he now uses to engineer at Aniwave Studios. After balancing Videography and Audio Engineering for several years, Shayne later took a course in VFX Editing, Colouring & Compositing and eventually filmed/edited footage for various commercials, art exhibits, real estate properties and cooking shows. Since then, he has been spearheading Video Production for weddings and various businesses commercials, all while still audio engineering for vocalists and musicians. 

O U R   M I S S I O N

   Our mission is to provide the locals of Southern Ontario (and travellers from beyond) a welcoming studio environment with a pristine quality end-product that perfectly fits the vision they have for their business or creative project. We also seek to give young aspiring creatives the opportunity to work on culturally-significant projects while simultaneously gaining a strong faculty of the various technical roles in both the music and film industry.


     With our acquisition Aniwave Expeditions, we hope to further consistently achieve this on an international level with project-based trips after the pandemic to help rising creatives develop their technical skills, theoretical/compositional knowledge, and inspiration from broadening their perspectives around the globe.


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"If you need someone who not only captures the feeling of a moment or the vibe of a person, but who is also just a dope, non-invasive, easy going yet hard working photographer, then you need Shayne. Simple. Thanks for giving us a wicked visual history of our night!"

—  Eon Sinclair,

     Bassist of Bedouin Soundclash