SalvadorAudi, "the auditory anomaly", has always been musically-inclined, as it is rooted throughout his multi-cultural family tree. 

For as long as he has been able to speak, Audi has been recording, composing, and producing music, as well as playing a multifaceted variety of instruments. As an open-minded individual living in the heart of Toronto, Canada, Audi has never felt the urge to limit himself to one genre of music or style of photography. He has always been passionate about expanding his craft by consistently developing his technical skills and theoretical/compositional knowledge, while always striving to uplift people and promote positive unification through healing, truth, and wisdom around the globe; whether it be via auditorial or visual stimuli. 

Have a project in mind that you need help with? Want to collaborate with Audi or book him at your next show? For all inquiries, please contact management below!


Shayne Larcher - info@aniwavesound.com